Police investigating if synthetic marijuana involved in rash of drug overdoses in Brooklyn


Only heisman trophy winner from the school in nineteen fiftynine combining speed with brute strength to also have an eleven year pro football career the two way player was drafted number one in nineteen sixty by the la rams of the nfl and the houston oilers of the now defunct afl choosing to play for the oilers he quit football went to the university of tennessee dental school and became an orthodontist fake pot has taken a toll on new yorkers the nypd says twenty five people have been hospitalized in the same area of brooklyn after having negative reaction from what's believed to be synthetic marijuana notice k to no one has died but police say the hospitalizations began last night one study of a synthetic cannabinoid found that it was eighty five times as potent as the mind altering chemical in pot a month ago synthetic marijuana was linked to one hundred fifty three people falling ill and four people dying in illinois police can't say for certain of the synthetic drug caused the illnesses in new york but that's what investigators suspect julie slater kfi news deadpool two has taken over the number one spot at the box office opening with one hundred twenty five million dollars in ticket sales in the us and canada avengers infinity war came in second followed by book club the melissa mccarthy comedy the life of the party and breaking in traffic from your helpful socal honda traffic center we've got a crash in industry.

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