Health department: Sick children drank milk from East Tennessee dairy


Are fighting to save a needle exchange program at orange county after being shut down earlier this year the city of santa ana shut down the orange county needle exchange program thing dirty needles were popping up everywhere now the volunteers who run it are seeking a state permit to run a mobile needle giveaway because dallas augustine says it's needed unfortunately we do have really high rates as hiv hep c and we're seeing really high rates of opioid overdose oh county supervisor chair andrew del says the needle exchange is a health hazard and they're willing to fight this in court if the state grants the program a permit not only do we have a needle giveaway we're gonna make it mobile so we have even less control over where they are dispensed he says not only are dirty needles turning up on the street but fourteen thousand were removed from the santa ana riverbed karen adams can x ten seventy newsradio kids in tennessee have gotten sick because of bad mill ten children all under the age of four have tested positive for e coli four of them are hospitalized with kidney failure all of them had consumed raw milk from a cow share dairy in the knoxville area dr martha buchanan is the head of the knox county tennessee health department parents need to understand that e coli is a serious illness and that it's preventable also health experts are trying to figure out why and how the second children got raw milk jim krasula cbs news new documentary courts david cassidy as saying he was still drinking in the final years of his life spy telling his family and friends he had cleaned up after going to rehab in two thousand fourteen people magazine reports the former teen idol also told producers of the a documentary that he never had dementia despite reports to the contrary and that is ill health was instead complete alcohol poisoning cassidy died of organ failure.

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