Passengers evacuate onto Delta plane's wing in Denver because of smoke in cabin


Township near winans road and willow drive was cleared yesterday morning during a bomb scare the bomb squad was called out to a construction site around ten thirty a m a construction foreman had noticed a pressure cooker on the side of the road and contacted the authorities the pressure cooker was eventually opened and inside were several containers of beef stew in court jars greenock police say the appreciate the vigilance of the citizen who noticed to the item and the quick response of the michigan state police bomb squad just as delta airlines flight eighteen fifty four from detroit was landing at denver international airport last night the cabin started filling with smoke the landing reported to be fine but as soon as that smoke started spewing into the cabin all one hundred forty six passengers as well as the crew had to do an emergency evacuation this passenger says despite the conditions it was a pretty smooth operation we all kind of realized what was happening the flight attendant took control the situation and we made the decision to deplane and we all jumped down the slides right onto the tarmac and airports spokesperson says there may have been minor injuries due to the evacuation on emergency slides there were reports one person was taken to a hospital and police say an eight year old girl has died after being struck by a vehicle while crossing a roadway in western michigan the crash happened last night near a bridge over the grand river in grand rapids officers who responded found the girl unconscious in the roadway she was taken to a hospital where police say she died the crash is under investigation wham radar weather afternoon thunderstorms today high of about eighty one thunderstorms early tonight low near fifty seven then for tomorrow mostly cloudy high of about seventy two that's news now i'm dan martin far relying sell skunks fast and furious.

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