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Get. Dissolve to a cleaning crew riding into work, wearing a custodian, jumpsuit. Vincent looks up through Gattikers giant skylight awestruck by launching ship. I belong to a new underclass no longer determined by social status or the color of your skin. Gatica gentlemen. Now we now have discrimination down to a science. Material starts from the front. I wanna see my smiling face on that floor, supervisor taps his shoulder, the older white man hands, Vincent a bucket of cleaning supplies and leads him to a glass wall on the roof. The custodians, clean, the skylight data presents a dystopia in world where social inequality is baked into the system based on genetic differences. Vincent's one dream in life is to be part of a space mission because he's not genetically fit. There's just no chance. Here's Katy Murphy. The audio describing narrating a flashback to Vincent's childhood. Teen-aged Vincent reads careers in space, Vincent at the kitchen table. Vincent takes the plate from his mother, but sets it down to keep reading. You have to be realistic, the heart condition like yours. Does your chance. There's nothing even wrong with now. One chance and hundred. I'll take it right. The trouble is they won't. Anton eats heartily, forgot sake. You're gonna stand something. Antonio struggles looking to his wife for help. The only way that you'll see the inside of a spaceship is if you were cleaning. Okay. So we're back at the panel now it's been twenty years since the release of Gatica and what do see is a framing of the problem in terms of social mobility. That's professor Troy Dexter used the director of the institute for the study of social change in chancellor's professor of sociology at UC Berkeley. Extraordinaire out little mobility. There has been given the ideology of open mobility. So the first nights discussion focused on the implications of a world where your destiny is prescribed to you based on your genetic code and in the film, there was that again, that moment where they were saying, ninety percent chance of this and a fifty percent chance of that. Well, what gets buried is the very philosophical, even existential question of what risk might be or what chance might be or what prediction is Rosemary, garland, Thomson as a professor of English and bioethics at Emory University because it's all statistical measurement and statistics never really mean anything. The only thing that actually ever means anything in a human life is what actually. Happens for the genetically superior success is easier to attain, but by no means guaranteed after all, there is no gene for fate. At the time, it wasn't a box office hit, but it was and continues to be critically acclaimed film, and it remains a sort of benchmark of a movie scifi film referred to in popular culture is having portrayed a viable reality when it comes to genetic engineering, and that reality is now. In twenty eighteen. We live in a world where at least one of the scenes is very familiar. The parents of the main character Vincent decide to have another child. And this time they rely on the help of their local geneticist they were determined that their next child would be brought into the world and what has become the natural way. A white woman leads Vincent and his parents into a doctor's office. The black doctor smiles at Vincent. Extracted eggs. Marie have been fertilized with Antonio's spur. After screening. We'll left as you see with two healthy boys into very healthy girls naturally, no critical predispositions to any major inherited diseases. All the remains is to select the most compatible candidate. I may decide on gender. The number of IVF procedures in vitro fertilization has been increasing over the past couple of decades and with clinics can make the choice of gender available. We would want Vincent to have a brother, you know, to play with, of course you would Vincent as if 2017 as many as one million babies in the US alone and five million worldwide have been born using assisted reproductive technologies which includes IVF as wills, other for Tillery treatments and procedures. Specified he's alive. Dog had fair skin. I've taken a liberty Radicati any potentially prejudicial conditions. Baldness myopia alcohol is addictive -bility for violence.

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