Former gymnasts say the Karolyis did nothing to stop Nassar sex abuse


Larry nassar pressing texas authorities to investigate whether bela and marta karolyi could have done more to prevent nassar's sexual abuse at the couple's texas training center attorneys for some of nassar's former patients are asking texas attorney general khin paxton to get involved in an investigation into the alleged abuse at the texas ranch christie lemke is a nassar accuser so many cries for help i feel like people would be shocked at the information that they would find things that went wrong the walker county texas sheriff's office and the texas rangers are currently investigating the case mark rylander with the state attorney general's office says his office can't interfere unless asked you by the other agencies i'm clayton neville r and b singer r kelly's music removed from playlists and recommendations on the streaming service spotify the move follows a campaign to boycott the singer who's been accused of sexual misconduct i'm barbara kusak you have three ex wives and your current trophy wife wants a life insurance policy three times the size of the policies you had to purchase for your previous mistakes if so you need to call big lou at term provider eight hundred seven seven seven.

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