Paris conference seeks political roadmap for lawless Libya


Development of existentialist thinking and feminism her views advanced considerably towards group solidarity and action after france was occupied in world war two she was still selling revolutionary newspapers on street corners in her sixties and politically active till she died and then remained controversial afterwards i'll be joined by a biographer of simone de beauvoir a close friend of hers and a leading philosopher to examine this fascinating enigmatic character so please join us after the news bbc news hello i'm gary spano a close aide of the north korean leader kim jong un is reported to be on his way to the united states kim yong shows visit could be another sign that preparations for a summit between north korea and the united states are moving ahead laura bicker is in so kim yang chow was seen boarding a flight to the us according to the news agency yonhap although his exact destination isn't yet clear he's really far from kim jong inside he was on both of his trips to china and during his meetings with the south korean president moon jaein mr kim has also met the us secretary of state mike pompeo in pyongyang he is the regime's former spy chief and a key strategist if north korea and the us are to reach any deal on denuclearization he will have a major part to play a conference aimed at agreeing a roadmap to reunify libya is being held in paris today fronts hopes the two sides will will commit themselves to hold nationwide elections roger walker has more details under president emmanuel mccall has tried to expand its role as a peacemaker in libya nastier mr mac hall convene rare talks between fires suraj who heads the un backed unity government in western libya and the militia leader holly hunter whose forces dominate the east of the country the two men will feature prominently at the paris conference but there has been criticism of the format the international crisis group an ngo which works to prevent and resolve conflicts said negotiating through individual personalities without ensuring a broader consensus was likely to be counterproductive the hungarian government is placing a new set of laws before parliament today targeting civil rights groups which help silom secrets the legislation could make printing leaflets with information for asylum seekers and offering them food or legal advice.

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