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Up on komo news we will have the latest on an officer involved shooting at happened this morning in normandy park and gone the way if he didn't like the first lady's coat you might like this one i'm brian calvert with the north west company that's been busy the past four hours sixty four degrees cloudy skies komo news time twelve thirty administration says reunifications have begun between migrant children who are separated from their parents questions remain about the future of thousands of kids still in shelters abc's gio benitez is on the us mexico border so many of these children aren't even by the border anymore they've actually been sent out to shelters all across this country twelve different states but now we're told that the government has actually reunited about five hundred families activists say some of the parents have already been deported despite a tweet from the president telling republicans to hold off on trying to pass an immigration bill until after the november election the gop says it's moving forward with negotiations hardline conservative bill failed in the house yesterday the house has passed a bipartisan bill aimed at fighting the opioid epidemic it lifts some limits on prescribing a drug used to treat opioid addiction and includes screening for abuse as part of medicare's initial exam before the bell on wall street the dow is up one hundred seventy three points scott goldberg abc news stay connected stay informed komo news good afternoon it is sixty four under cloudy skies in seattle i'm rick van cise top stories from the komo twenty four seven news center an officer.

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