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Peyton Manning says Drew Brees deserves NFL record for career passing yards


It's fair it's time for him to make the step if he's on the field because it's all he's got the weapons gone mike evans got sean jackson oj power i mean pieces are their time to step up right math divisions just too good though panthers falcons saints no not going to be a playoff team going to be all in three to start out the year very early but onsides with all of a sudden you have for this one with all the talk of how great tom brady is it's easy to overlook the greatness of one drew brees one guy though who doesn't overlook it is another alltime great not peyton manning recently payton told the times picayune that isn't a question of if but rather than when breeze will break his passing records right now breezes fifteen hundred yards behind peyton which is a sherlock that'll be that but he sits fifty one touchdowns behind peyton which shirley isn't a lot so on sides or all sides drew brees will break peyton manning's alltime touchdown mark you said he's fifty one behind behind last year he threw for twenty three i think that goes up this year i understand they have a strong wrong game breezes thirty nine needs fifty one more touchdowns the break it on site wow interesting you don't think he will i think that it's close interesting to me when you go interesting means that you think he won't now i think that if we were setting the over under fifty one would be right around that you gotta stop the accident he's gotta stop with the accent when you first button with the accent cell phone i looked at each other and you were talking about something very serious with winston very serious and then the question of owen three is is not that serious but gra cephlon i are both looking at each other trying not to just burst out into tears the accent man very good what you pay mike fifty one touchdown passes left in the career for drew brees you to get to at least fifty one more i'm telling you man i think it's a really great question you like chimeras there now mark ingram's there now marketing has the suspension but i don't think that matters jon gruden let me tell you what man i love ben i love you love everybody yes you gotta think he's placed two more years yet he gets twenty five touchdowns apiece each year i think he'd get the gets it while twenty five okay so he gets twenty six twenty five ties throws one more.

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