Los Angeles Lakers tell LiAngelo Ball he won't be on summer league team


Twenty four hours the outage will take place between eleven pm tomorrow saturday and eleven on sunday it's being done to allow for a change in vendors operating the ebt system it's ten twenty four what's become lonzo's brother here's accent seventies randy corden i don't know if you've noticed but the nba draft came and went yesterday and nobody mentioned the name liangelo ball well okay so lonzo's brother wasn't selected in the nba draft his father told nbc four that the former almost ucla player would have to show what he could do in summer league to get everybody's attention and that makes sense we spn now is reporting that if he plays in the summer league it won't be with the lakers team ramona shelburne tweeting lakers informed liangelo of the move and that the decision not to have him play with them was apparently more than just basketball i wonder where they were going with that one while the lakers i pick out of michigan talked about being taken twenty fifth in the first round is crazy kind of speeches you dream about this moment the entire life and then the call actually counts it's unreal the clippers second round pick in the draft austin college guard jerome robinson was taken thirteenth he talked about coming to la we'll hear from him coming up yesterday of course the nba draft today's the nhl draft in that gets underway at four thirty necsports and listen thirty minutes from the sports desk randy doom can extend seventy newsradio civil rights icon dies in los angeles we'll have more at the bottom of the hour right at ten thirty right now it's ten twenty five traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fis brought to you by united airlines tom tran dr gunn update about that earlier threecar crash on the westbound side of the two ten over near myrtle those vehicles have moved out of the car pool lane off to the right shoulder i see traffic recovering a little bit do not get excited because now there is a new crash on the west to ten years sousa avenue so the slowing starts back at grand it's going to stay on and off all the way over towards the six zero five then starts to get a little bit better once you get past myrtle where that accident is now clearing off to the shoulder over the one on one going eastbound near hayvenhurst we had a threecar crash here this has been cleared from the right two lanes traffic here as well starting to recover it's still busy from one nutca avenue.

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