Marcus Morris of Boston Celtics -- I'm 'probably the best guy' defending LeBron James, outside of Kawhi Leonard


Guys look forward to basketball soundbites at practice you do but i wish they were actually planning as a basketball looks like there was some some hammering there i mean noone dribbles the ball that fast so i i think that there was someone with a nice tool kit there little hammer nail apparently there's some work to be done there and the practice facility so it's good to see the multifaceted celtics playing a little basketball but also saying you know what i don't like the way this picture this picture right here this is not working out rarely well all that up for me give me your level to level there go a little basketball in practice did you see chris forsberg story on espn dot com that he posted today and chris will be joining us later right here on dickerson hood marcus morris is telling everyone that except for coli leonard he's the best person in the nba to defend lebron james that's true no but i appreciate him saying that though i appreciate him saying you know why because someone's gotta say something right if you feel strongly that you're going to have the lion's share of the time taking on lebron james defensively then then go ahead then feel that way but here's the thing once you say that you you're not gonna stop lebron james not even gonna slow down lebron james but you have to make it very difficult for.

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