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The chemistry among the players that place oh my god i think it's huge especially in today's nba and especially considering the style of basketball that this warriors team plays it's a ball movement unselfish i mean think about tonight when kevin durant wins the nba finals mvp i guarantee you nobody was happier for him than steph curry and i don't take that as oh he's just playing the role i think he honestly sincerely believes that and that's these warriors players to a t they actually care about each other and they only care about winning games and being great and i think that that's something very rare in professional sports and that they've got that kind of chemistry and i i don't think that anybody wants this thing to split apart anytime soon clays talking about taking less money on his extension and it's you can just see it in the way that they play basketball the way that you know they they're willing to defer to one another if katie's going big and you know he's he's hot one night or steph saw one nine they're just content because they're so comfortable in their own skin there so comfortable in their abilities as professionals they don't feel the need to like oh i gotta get my shot totals tonight i gotta get this gotta get that it's not about me it's about we and i think that's kind of rare and professional sports particularly in the nba i just i mean i've watched basketball last few years to know that this is a special thing with the warriors and their chemistry has a huge factor in that i mean i mean the there was no wasn't enforced among them or something like being the big shot and everybody else supposed to fall into line every time it's steph durant puts his hand on steps all the divers i dislike it they love each other like an encouragement makes it or whatever's going down you just like he just put his hand on your shirt and an artist you love that's it baby and it's fun to watch it makes us proud here in the bay area thanks for the call.

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