Japan trade minister warns about US auto tariffs


With president trump today they have a lot to talk about security agreements between the two countries trump's upcoming summit with north korea which some japanese officials are worried won't include japanese security concerns and likely trade the president has slapped steep tariffs on some japanese goods and his threatened more marketplace's jed kim reports the us has already levied tariffs on japanese steel and aluminum but now there's movement to do the same on automobiles japan says more than forty billion dollars worth each year to the us maria sali's is with the brookings institution that is really touching a critical economic interest for japan and even though prime minister wants to preserve these close working relationship with president trump is clear that patience is running thin reaching agreement could be harder because i'll be multilateral deals trump prefers bilateral ones she'll go goto is with the wilson center she says making concrete trade agreements will also be iffy because it's in japan's best interests to keep talking but hopefully not actually lead to any action because action would probably be in favor of the united states and to the disadvantage of japan fortunately for ave with only two hours to talk and the pressing issue of north korea delaying probably won't be that hard i'm vicky for marketplace and let's do the numbers the dow jones industrial average is up ninety three points that's four tenths of a percent the s and p five hundred is down a tenth of a percent the nasdaq is down seven tenths of a percent ten year treasury yield is at two point nine six percent ups workers voted earlier this week to authorize a strike if their negotiations with the delivery companies management go south the company has two hundred eighty thousand unionized workers from w esa in pittsburgh marketplace's erica barest unpacked what could happen if they all went on strike a lot has changed since ups workers last went on strike in nineteen ninety seven online retailers created a world where delivery of everything at all times is a customer expectation ups spokesperson glenn akhara says that's a lot of routes a lot of packages a lot more work increases the number of stops drivers need to make up for negotiation a two tiered wage scale and sunday deliveries serdar to your a.

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