Josh Allen apologizes after offensive tweets from high school resurface


You're listening to it's dan patrick on demand thank you this is fire fighter raphael pori at reminding you that every day portion of every firehouse subs purchase goes for helping first responders try the new me ruben loaded with hot pastrami sweet and tangy slaw melted swiss or limited time get a medium pastrami ruben for just six thirty nine firehouse subs joy more subs save more lives limiting for participating locations firehouse subs will donate a minimum of one million dollars two thousand eighteen firehouse subs public safety foundation by donating point one percent of every purchase broadcasting live from the mercedes am g men k so many parades clogging up the schuylkill expressway this is dan patrick welcome to the program eight cheer our one on this thursday tonight the nfl draft mike mayock coup had his final mock draft he'll join us coming up a little bit later on we were supposed to have josh allen the former wyoming quarterback on and i don't think he's coming on he was booked through courtyard by marriott but they don't have any control over this his agency ca which is the biggest agency you'll find they decided to pull their client from any of these public appearances radio or tv now we're trying to see if we can get him to join us in case you're just joining us on this story already in progress josh allen has apologized after offensive tweets from high school resurfaced the quarterback acknowledged the tweets to stephen a smith late last night and apologize saying he was young and dumb tweets no longer appear on his account however they were they contain racial slurs and other offensive language according to yahu sports the tweet cited by yahu sports were sent back in twenty twelve and twenty thirteen when allen was in high school he is supposed to be or expected to be one of the top quarterback selected in the draft and perhaps number one overall by the cleveland brown.

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