Syria Says Chemical Weapons Watchdog Group Has Entered Douma


As a watchdog organization reportedly reaches the site of that suspected chemical weapons attack in syria the russian government says the rebels are the ones dealing with chemical weapons the us france and britain say the syrian government under bosch our allies sod is responsible for the suspected chemical weapons attack in douma earlier this month russia which supports the syrian government and denied an attack even took place now says it's found rebel chemical weapons in duma russia's says they found chlorine and components for producing mustard gas but it comes as a country delayed group of investigators from entering douma and the us now says it's worried that russia tampered with the site mark remillard abc news this is expected to be an historic day in cuba if all goes as expected raul castro will step down making it the first time in almost sixty years castro is not in charge of the general assembly meets and votes they will select a new president and it happens the same day they don't wait for a big inauguration the way we do it will immediately transfer power to the new president who's voted out now we expect that president to be the current and first vice president miguel diaz canal abc's serena marshall reporting and the wyoming school district where education secretary betsy devos.

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