The internet thinks the goon in Stormy Daniels's sketch looks like Tom Brady


Show jamie markley that's eight van camp hello real quick i want to apologize to tom brady i said stormy daniels lawyer had sent out this picture the sketch of this goon who allegedly threatened stormy daniels in two thousand eleven he kinda does look like tom brady there may be a closer resemblance to willem defoe okay so it could be willem dafoe as well how bad is this sketch okay i'm confused man i'm like all this look this sounds like a pretty attractive dude to be thug and then all of a sudden it's too fo the green goblin saying thank you i don't know for certain that it is tom brady i there's reason to doubt that maybe tom brady there's reason to think that maybe tom brady didn't threaten to rough up a porn star in twenty eleven maybe sex day i you know i always hear all of the coverage about tax day for most people you did your taxes weeks or months ago but it's tax day.

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