Barbara Bush remembered: Presidents, political leaders pay tribute to former first lady


To was the the rock of that family and was a very important part of every success that the bush family has had barbara bush died last night here in houston at the age of ninety two her death coming just days after she decided to stop medical treatment for a number of ailments including congestive heart failure barbara bush stood by both her husband george herbert walker bush and her son george w bush as each became the nation's leader she met her husband at the age of sixteen and was married to him for more than seventy three years i fell in love with him practically at first i want to thank my entire family with a special emphasis on a woman named barbara among those paying tribute president trump and former president obama who called mrs bush an example of humility and decency funeral services will take place on saturday mrs bush will be laid to rest at the bush library in college station texas i'm steve futterman in houston now with more cbs news here's deborah rodriguez president trump has just confirmed in a tweet his secretary of state nominee made a secret trip to north korea last week the president says mike pompeo met with kim jong hoon to work out details of a summit korea expert ralph casa via skype everyone believes that pompeo is close to the president and therefore he can speak with a certain degree of credibility tax payers get a gift from the least likely of places the irs it was forced to extend the filing deadline after the agency's website crashed on deadline day former irs commissioner john koskinen continued underfunding it was not a question of whether the system was gonna fail it's just a question of when you have until midnight to get your returns in the company that makes bump stocks making plans to close up shop live to cbs's vicki barker slide fire solutions says it will stop taking orders from next month for the bump stock which allows semiautomatic weapons to fire like a machine gun slide fire briefly halted production after its product with used in the las vegas music festival massacre the decision to close comes amid at least one lawsuit and ahead of a possible federal ban on bump stocks deborah getting to the bottom of a fatal mid air explosion on a southwest airlines flight the ntsb's robert some walters evidence of metal fatigue where the.

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