It would be the world’s largest airplane. It’s being built by a billionaire. And it’s getting ready to fly.


Almost twenty one years ago a young black man named curtis flowers was convicted of horrific crime the murder of four people in a small town in mississippi he won his appeal but the prosecutor tried him again he's now been tried six times for the crime and a lot of people think he's innocent i just thought that he done for this though where the proof mississippi mississippi you know we all know would go down and mississippi once we get you in the courtroom if you black we get i'm madeline baron host of in the dark a peabody award winning investigative podcast from american public media we're looking at the story of a man caught new terrifying loop of injustice a story of one man's fight for his life in the dark season two begins may i listen unsubscribe now on apple podcasts don stab billionaire paul allen's building the biggest airplane ever should they're building it in the desert in california to fly as soon as this summer anybody who ever saw howard hughes's spruce goose he was a billionaire backing the he was the first billionaire anyway he built a giant plane called the spruce goose it used to be docked in long beach or it was it was in a building in long beach near where the queen mary but they moved it for some reason anyway i saw them both many many years ago i think it may be an aviator museum in mcminnville oregon right now these spruce goose was enormous like you can't even believe it it it barely flu so it's merely a plane why is he buying the gigantic plane or building it rather he's going want to giant hey fellas i really liked to have are really really big plane it's so big as twenty eight wheels powered by six seven forty seven engines it would weigh one point three million pounds it's bigger than the length of a football field if you can picture that look at that that's a group of people in between the two parts of the plane there that shows you again it's win hold the jack just insane how big that is anyway hope i get to see a moran plane so speaking of airplanes funny coincidence where's the big summit between kim jong fat and president orange going to be maralago.

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