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One hundred seventeen thousand four hundred dollars a year for a family of four household of four people in san francisco marin and san mateo counties up more than ten percent from last year the highest definition of low income in the nation by the way that number that low income threshold is almost exactly the median family income in those three counties kcbs news time seven twenty four hour financial news sponsored by shane company let's head to the kcbs super micro intel money desk the tree sikora standing by and tech stocks really feeling the pressure this morning susan the nasdaq down one hundred thirty six points that's one point seven percent the s and p down thirty four one and a quarter percent the dow is down two hundred ninety eight points that's also about one and a quarter percent the us supreme court has thrown out a government lawsuit that accused american express a fourteen competition by prohibiting merchants from steering customers to cards with lower fees the justices voting five four said the us government and eleven states failed to prove that american express rules harmed cardholders as well as merchants and uber has got an unexpected boost in its court battle to continue operating in london the regulator that originally banned to the ridesharing firm has given it a tentative backing back in september the transport for london said the san francisco based uber wasn't fit or proper to operate in the british city i'm patrice sikora bloomberg business for kcbs looking for useful information about retirement coulda hansonmcclain tiffany haddish and i use coupon so much.

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