Carly Hallam, Daniel Tosh’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know


Skip some more hang with me you're with the neighbors too much yeah you're turns me off it turns me off mac your gut check yeah it turns me off definitely not turn you off their guilt tripping me there shaming me into spending time with my with my son or daughter and then i'm supposed to make them happy by bringing them to dairy queen i don't think that it's really good the blizzards good the oreo one but i don't have to be shamed oh man i'll tell you i mean do you like it do you do you think it's too much time at work you spend too much time with other people you got to spend time with me is it true though aren't we on our cellphones too much i am not okay i'm one of the only parents who is not on their cell phone too much no escape with their cell phone i mean you know everybody's guilty of it but there are parents that are always on their cell very true always they go home always on the cell and the kids are like what are you doing right and mom and dad don't even hear it because they're on facebook so dairy queen polite they pulled it because of reaction yes people do not like it the it premiered a few days ago it only stayed around for four days and it disappeared from all platforms good social media good you didn't like no i did i don't shame me into why don't you get off your phone now with my kids it's mac and gaydos check check in a store you have not seen daniel tosh very successful comedian to point out tosh point oh tosh two point zero right just came out he's been married for over two years and nobody knew he got married april fifteenth two thousand sixteen at an incredibly private ceremony in malibu your gut check have you ever known anyone who secretly got married and didn't tell anybody and how long did the marriage last i do i do know one person and he's probably listening right now so i just call them out j the firefighter he's one of those guys he's one of our best friends but he doesn't tell anybody what's going on in his life okay but did loyd hide it i had not necessarily heidi putting intel anybody okay so i find out you know i go to a function where all the friends what's so what's going on oh i got married what do you mean you got married the next time i saw hey what's going on just had a kid all for crying out loud wanted utech somebody wanted to tell people how long was he married before you found out six months six months that yeah and then like a year and a half later so i've seen it in the right we ever came up and then the you know one of the next hey what are you up to have you ever taken care of the baby baby have you seen in the picture have you ever seen for the okay okay i mean some people just want to keep it quiet even to their best friends right why do because it it begs the question what are you hiding i mean tasha his wife is very good looking very talented she's a comedy writer for a number of different series but why would he hide it for two years i don't know if he was hiding it i mean if you don't know does that mean you're hiding it i mean does he have to come out with the press release i don't give a crap at the guy's married or not who cares he did come out of the press came out with a press release the beat somebody else but i'm like why would you hide that that's weird i got ya brought to you by the joint chiropractic zero copays zero appointments zero hassles the joint chiropractic.

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