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The united states and i have with me today my equally esteemed co host john pierre shell just went coast today we've got a couple of guys out it's time of year it is we've got i mean i mean ones out for vacation the other one is out for just another reason excuse got a good excuse so now by the way in case you haven't noticed i said my name is mike peer shell and i introduced john is john peer shell by an extraordinary coincidence i stumbled on this guy years ago and he had the exact same last name as i did know actually john is my brother for better or for worse but anyway so the two peer shell boys are taking the show today now in a couple of minutes we're going to talk about why navigating this stock market is getting more difficult but before we do that we want to talk a little bit about some of the other topics we're going to just cover over the next hour and first of all we're going to talk about this extraordinary extraordinarily low unemployment rate which is now south of four percent what this means to the stock and bond markets in is this healthy for the economy is it unhealthy if folks again i will tell you even if you're not an economist if you got money in the stock market you want to stay tune when we talk about why this unemployment rate being this low is so important to an investor that's a pretty amazing statistic mike we haven't seen numbers like that in a couple of decades so and that's going to be a good subject after that we're gonna talk about something called the inherited ira and you know it's amazing how many people still are not aware of what an inherited ira is and all the mechanics of it so we're gonna talk about john did you know i know i'm preaching to the choir but this is one of the gifts from the irs believe it or not for your children that can save them a lot of money in taxes and yet less than ten percent of our kids are getting them set up right or set up at all so this is going

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