Johnny Manziel signs with Canadian Football League's Hamilton Tiger-Cats


Deep into the complicated world of bickram yoga it's founder us connections with kareem abduljabbar john mcenroe and other stars to spread this hot aggressive yoga to the world but bickerings guru status enabled increasingly dark behavior it's a story you have to hear to believe subscribe to thirty for thirty podcast in the listen tab of the espn app or on apple podcasts mike my saying that right it's become bickram you've got to curb okay i thought so i'd heard of that mel man how you doing for good you good so far all right good why are you asking coach why you okay you're a base let's go back a little bit here for the last ten fifteen years and i'll make this statement the most unable to take my eyes off of him quarterback or the last fifteen years has been johnny football i think johnny manziel right there with barry sanders is the most fun must watch player that i can remember in my time watching college football huge fan of what he was able to do on the football field and disappointed more than any body or as much as anybody with the way that he handled the situation after he got drafted by the browns he is coming back with the canadian football league's hamilton tiger cats the thai cats own mandl's rights and he told bar who detail barstool sports going to be a learning curve i think it'll be fun it's not the nfl but there have been guys who have gone up there and of comeback he's going to get to play we're gonna get to watch him again if we want to remember espn has a lot of canadian football league games and i i bet you they'll be a lot of hamilton games i i am very very very much intrigued and excited to get to watch johnny manziel again can't say i am sorry because i i don't remember.

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