Trump Administration May Eliminate Increases in Fuel-Economy


Exte wjr news are meadowland rim wgn news time six oh to currently it's fifty seven degrees texas lawmakers will meet next week to discuss ways to improve safety measures at texas schools following a school shooting at santa fe high school south of houston that left ten people dead here in the metro detroit area some students have become more anxious because of school shootings wjr's ken rogulski reports from royal oak school shootings have become so frequent that ray bowers says her ten year old son has become afraid and apprehensive he's got anxiety as far as school goes they had a tornado drill my sign was so scared that he thought it was shooting and he started he was crying when he got picked up but that's what i'm saying is that anxiety is there miss bauer says her son drew pictures of him using chairs in the classroom to protect himself if there ever was a shooter in royal oak ken rogulski wjr news the trump administration is moving ahead with plans to ease fuel efficiency standards the transportation department has drafted a proposal that would freeze vehicle requirements at twenty twenty level through twenty twenty six california has been allowed by epa waiver for years to impose stricter standards on vehicle emissions california and some other states are trying to block the weakening of the tighter rules auto companies want one national standard and industry executives are walking a tightrope between tougher regulations and giving the people big vehicles that they're buying and that make money for the company's dick hafner wjr news the casino and hotel at caesars windsor will remain close after a sensitive agreement was voted down by employee's caesars windsor officials said fifty three percent of unionized employees voted down the second tentative agreement between caesars windsor and uniform local four forty four they say workers will continue to be on strike and the property will be closed to the public until a new agreement it is reached and ratified at the end of april michigan state police and several other local agencies conducted operation ghost rider along in fifty nine in mccomb and oakland counties.

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