At least 4 residents airlifted after fast-moving lava crosses Hawaii road


Must've missed my invitation to the royal wedding in the mail but we will check in with our royals correspondent before too long but i after doug's news a look at president trump's foreign policy decision making onto rousselin gaza north korea syria and more with middle east expert professor kevin did jesus that's all coming right up but right now it is six thirty and from the revolution softwash news center douglas has our top stories good morning good morning steve the royal wedding scheduled to start in about half an hour the guests have been seated in windsor saint george's chapel host the famous faces are on hand for this wedding between prince harry american actress meghan markle among them oprah winfrey scene there this morning david beckham and george clooney elton john has been spotted in the chapel as well queen elizabeth has made prince harry the duke of sussex when he marries megan markle she will become the duchess of sussex sussex a fast moving lava flow cross the road and threatened dozens of homes overnight in hawaii prompting the national guard to airlift several residents to safety hawaii officials have worn people in affected areas to shelter in place and await further instructions alava forced the closure of a road cutting off at least forty homes evacuations around this erupting kill away of all keno are still voluntary an aging boeing seven thirtyseven with a hundred and ten people aboard crashed and burned shortly after taking off from a cuban airport on friday as correspondent steve kastenbaum reports it was that islands worst aviation disaster in three decades in its third major accident since two thousand ten very soon after taking off from havana's airport on a flight bound for a city on the eastern end of the island it crashed in a nearby field images from the site showed the plane broken apart into several pieces cuba's government run news agency said over one hundred people on board the seven thirty seven die three people were pulled from the wreckage still alive they were rushed to a hospital in critical condition cubana airline has had to ground some of its aging planes due to safety issues this one was leased from the.

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