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A number of african asylum seekers several were injured as they jumped out of windows to escape police officials in southwestern germany told reporters they caught the escape deportee and other residents who attacked officers during the failed deportation attempt on monday in berlin the german interior minister vowed retaliation for what he described as a slap in the face by african migrants to their german hosts but refugee advocates hearsay say the german government is also to blame because it has failed to integrate asylum seekers thousands languish in refugee centers around germany waiting for a decision on their status without opportunities to learn german or find work psoriasis or heading elson npr news berlin belabor department reports worker productivity increased slightly in the first quarter of the year up seven tenths of one percent at an annual rate the figure measures hourly outpour nonfarm worker checking stocks at last check the dow was down sixty three points you're listening to npr news from washington federal authorities are joining an investigation into an explosion in north haven connecticut last night nine police officers were injured officials say a swat team was trying to negotiate with the man who they thought had taken his wife hostage when a barn behind the house blew up authorities now say the wife was not there at the time a body has been found inside a building a stay of execution has been granted to a man and georges laid it to be executed today georgia public broadcasting's grant blankenship says the stay hints at what could be in the stork decision in the state robert earl butz junior was convicted of the nineteen ninetysix murder of donovan parks in baldwin county georgia the state gives the georgia board of pardons and parole ninety days to mull over buttons clemency application in it his attorneys present evidence that codefendant mirian wilson coerced inmates in the county jail to lie until investigators that butts had confessed to the murder the board could commute but to sentence to life either with or with.

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