Years After Murder Exoneration, Amanda Knox Hosts TV Show About Women Who've Been Publicly Shamed


After last year's mayhem is almost keith eldridge police had a strong presence throughout the day and on into the evening they vowed to do everything they could prevent a repeat of may day two thousand seventeen with a may day march turned violent windows at several businesses were broken and demonstrators were pepper sprayed a total of nine people were arrested for malicious mischief nine officers were hurt got tired of seeing that robert johnson of capital city guitars decided to take back history put on a sidewalk barbecue and jam session we shouldn't have presence and came out and did a barbecue put some music out here that we might determine them people out of join the night definitely noticing the difference between last year and is pretty mellow and inviting the demonstration a peaceful international workers celebration at sylvester definitely by all means for all the people there now may totally peaceful here leadville keith eldridge komo news time seven seattle's amanda knox back in the news try to help other women whom she says have been maligned and the media knox was convicted of murder in italy serving prison time there before eventually being exonerated now she's working on a new project with facebook it's called the scarlet letter reports if she talked with in it she talked with women in the public spotlight who are fighting to reclaim their reputations vilification came through the lens of our societies impulse to vilify women and female sexuality and coming home from that i've seen how that same vilification process happens towards other women and that's what this show is all about is is bringing back compassion and context to journalism and scott reports appears on facebook every wednesday voters may soon run out of excuses for feeling return election ballots komo's carleen johnson with more secretary of.

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