27 New Women Accuse Charlie Rose of Sexual Misconduct

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Charlie rose is an even more trouble in the me two days here twenty seven more women have accused charlie rose of sexual harassment cbs was alerted to his alleged behavior reportedly as early as nineteen eightysix and as recently as april twenty seventeen or she was fired from cbs and pbs last november seventy six years old but we've got an additional twenty seven women the new allegations date back to nineteen seventy six when charlie rose allegedly exposed his penis to a former research assistant and then allegedly groped her breasts while working at nbc news is washington bureau she says this other personality would come through and the groping would happen you mean like he would change his where you're looking at me well i don't know what do you mean what's going on it makes me concerned that he's he's acting one way you know one half the time at work he's charlie rose rose we all know and then some doctor jekyll mr hyde situation happens and he turns into a groping monster becomes chuck at that point ten years later a twenty two year old cbs news clerk anne marie par reported to her boss some comments that charlie rose had made tour including things like anne marie.

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