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The celtics for espn earlier on darien male how does boston attack and guard lebron james how do you see them doing it i don't know if there's a simple answer there the one thing i can say is that much of what the celtics did this off season in overhaul in their roster was built around the premise of okay how do you close the gap with lebron and the cavaliers like it would have been easy for them fifty three win the number one seed in the east last year get to the east finals for them back with that group but here man that that it was five game series but it really wasn't close at times and so the overhaul this roster some of the stuff they do not only go out and get gordon hayward but in order to get the salary cap room they had to move avery bradley but they went in and kind of targeted margaret marcus morris in detroit with the idea that he's sort of had bigger body that you could throw at lebron just throw this relentless dream of a big bodies out and hope that it in some way either grinds them down a little bit or at least makes him have to work and not get comfortable more on the kansas season in advance and time for the start of today's eastern conference finals in vegas trails in a series for the first time this postseason all the way when sportscenter allnight returns the new espn app now with espn plus baseball hockey soccer and college football you want more.

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