Chad White: Before, during and after Bravo’s ‘Top Chef’


He's not been the senator because of his illness for the past half a year and a sadly this may go on for him and his family for many more months i don't know so air zona has no us senate representation except the one other senator mccain is not not doing his job he can't do his job because of his of his cancer brain cancer very serious the best thing for mccain to do is to retire from the us senate and hopefully live so long and productive life and if mccain does that that would be keeping with this previous service in the military of being available to serve and at least during the vietnam war he served with bravery and great distinction but concert now i haven't heard the point raised at all he's not been in the senate since december we're onto six months of arizona losing fifty percent of their us senate representation in washington is anyone asking since he cannot serve because of his illness why is he serving and is it time for him to resign and let the republican governor of arizona appoint someone to take his place the answer is yes yeah of course it's yes yes and that's and that that trump white house female at a meeting should not have said what she said about mccain he's dying soon anyway who cares that should not have been done and trump or someone ought to apologize for the temperate remark nonetheless raise my hand on the back never been a fan of mccain politically especially the last ten years i'm a great fan of his military services cray cray courageous behavior is he was valiant but nonetheless is anyone asking the question how do you do your job and get paid the kind of money he's getting paid is us senator when he can't do his job shoot anyone se senator mccain since you can't do your job and since the great probability is you'll never be able to return to the senate which is what senator orrin hatch said a few days ago isn't it time for mccain to step aside the answer.

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