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The yes there's excitement here today we've got a few feet up before the ten o'clock crowd parking lot looks like a beehive all the christians with them fish on their back bumpers running each other down for parking spots this package just few dr jerry oh no no that's right you know thank you there must have been over forty four hundred and there and that's just the eight thirty you ought to see how super dressed up ten o'clock crowd looks like they know this is going to be the most watched broadcast ever the patient little or no just for tv no thanks what you need a little calmer i mean half of texas half the country tunes into the ten o'clock in the bars is from truck business you got time to open that before ten o'clock hugo girl on in here we'll do pastor pastor go ahead open the box well i say that is the salary is looking pong tro violeta saying it's engraved winners win and losers lose chuck's benediction blessing adleman so arrogance so greedy so hog like about one the whole thing brim self he could've been here right now getting ready to preach in front of certain to be record numbers of people watching tv forget the texas baptist down forget the texas papers pictures in time magazine my name is news only because of your importance in the history of.

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