World Cup 2018: Day 5 as it happened - England, Belgium, Sweden earn wins


But there are a couple of finals to reports sweden belgium and england all picking up victories today so hopefully your brackets aren't busted of course i'm joking these preliminary stages but nonetheless is your world cup news for the day sweden belgium england all moving on will have more scores for you tomorrow in the meantime some surprising news out of the nhl today capitals that goes berry trots announcing he is resigning less than two weeks after winning the team's first stanley cup he was in the final year of his fouryear contract this season and actually had a clause where if he won the cup he would accept a two year extension with a three hundred thousand dollar bump in salary but he was already in the bottom tier of coaches salaries at one point five million and according to reports tried to negotiate an extension but both sides couldn't come to terms on a new deal so you now we'll test the open coaching market as for the tigers they have the night off tonight the return action tomorrow looking for a sixth straight win and but of a short two game series with the reds down in cincinnati and spurs forward rudy gay declining his player option become an unrestricted free agent

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