Alcoholic Hepatitis Pipeline Research, Analysis 2018 – Healthcare Trends


Even other infectious diseases worldwide hepatitis a for example and small babies may just like look like a cold and so an adult who's traveling may say oh i'm only going to vaccinate my child but meanwhile as an adult if they were handling other babies in other countries they could catch a very bad case of hepatitis so that's just an example of but for the new every year so for the flu vaccine more evidence is showing that if we take vaccine each year we're building up some cross resistance that issued the the strain of influenza ever cross react say to a flu strain of of flu at avian strain of flu that is it could become a virus that's far more highly transmissible and more severe so this year we had a pretty severe type of flu people were in the hospital people developed pneumonia many people died young people died of the flu yes and you give more take this year well we talk about it at each travel visit and you know it's interesting some people will have no question about taking their yellow fever vaccine but if i mentioned and also you have to have the flu shot they have more qualms about taking this flu shot at i'm not sure why but there is a bit of a myth about how bad the flu shot is and and israel had rain of the virus that the flu shot doesn't effect or is it or let's say the strain is immune to the flu shot so each year they develop they try to guess what is the most prevalent strain of flu that's going to be around him there are three different types that put into the flu shot to be to make it a simplified answer but basically there may be some years where it doesn't match entirely and yet the the vaccine may have been somewhat protective in an individual who's may still catch the flu for example and get the body aches but may not go into the hospital and have respiratory failure so we we do ask people to have that because of the data that's out there that about avian flu and trends and if there's ever this type of linkage like i said there there's this prediction that people who have had their shots all along may be in better shape to to face that okay all right folks we're taking your calls at four three eight wpro for three eight nine seven seven six eight hundred three two one nine seven seven six which stands for wpro.

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