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The. Hi, I'm calling your host of the good news podcast and I'm Neil, the other host. The good news podcast is your source for good news, fun stories, auditory delight and sonic joy. We're bringing all of this goodness to you from the cards against humanity studios in Chicago. The other day you heard are super tiny, good news episode. Here's another one, three quick piece of good news. Just let it wash over you and then keep on moving. Keep it move in a cat has been the mayor of to keep nna Alaska for seventeen years. I bet he's a great mayor more. She a group of pugs the dogs. They are called a grumble, a group of hedgehogs that's called a pickle. And there is no angry way to say the word bubbles Neil. Can you think of any other words you can't say angry, sprinkles sprinkled. Thanks for listening. Do you have good news? Awesome, or maybe wanna tell us a joke or idea. That's amazing. Email f that good news at cards against humanity dot com or leave us a voicemail at seven, three two one, seven zero one, five, six. You can also tweet us at the good news pod and if you love the good news podcast review us on itunes, we appreciate it. Most of our music is by potting, bear same place, same time tomorrow.

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