Trump says Kim has a 'great personality'


Republican congressman mark sanford was knocked out of his bid to reclaim a seat he lost his primary race to kitty arrington who was endorsed by president trump and first term congresswoman jackie rosen is the winner of the nevada democratic senate primary setting up a showdown against republican incumbent dean heller in the fall the un secretary general calls the summit between president trump and kim jong own an important milestone but critics are still questioning the substance of the results pamela brown explained trump displaying confidence after his historic meetings with north korean dictator kim jong really he's got a great personality he's a funny guy he's a very smart guy great negotiator he loves his people not that i'm surprised by that the president praising the dictator responsible for killing his own uncle and half brother imprisoning thousands of his own people for dissent along with detaining american citizens tesla laying off about nine percent of the electric car makers workforce four thousand people i'm elliot francis wwl news at five.

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