U.S. charges hundreds in healthcare fraud, opioid crackdown


Wdbo good morning i'm marsha taylor and i'm darrell moody federal authorities are calling it the largest healthcare fraud crackdown in history people across the country have been charged by the us justice department including one hundred sixty five doctors nurses and other licensed medical professionals channel nine's martha sugalski the target has been people illegally dealing prescribing addictive and deadly opioids investigators say medical professionals are seeing a healthcare crisis has a chance to make big money among those arrests one hundred twenty four south florida residents charged with various fraud schemes involving more than three hundred million dollars of federal money katrina scales news ninety six point five wdbo accused cop killer markeith loyd is asking the court to get him moved out of isolation at the orange county jail in a newly filed petition boyd claims he's had no significant issues the discipline and therefore qualifies to be reassigned general population or to a christian program now loyd is scheduled to be back in court later today for a status hearing on his case his attorney has asked that state attorney brad king be taken off the case saying kings position on the judicial administration commission is a conflict of interest kevin refuses ninety six point five wdbo vice president mike pence calling on central american governments to do more to contain illegal immigration here in the us speaking in guatemala city to the leaders of guatemala honduras and el salvador pitt said quote this exodus has to end the three central american countries are the home nations that many of the people trying to cross the border into the us i have strong feelings about this now it looks like californians will get to say if they want one year round time oh time in the us could get all funny this fall governor jerry brown signing a bill that will let voters decide whether changing clocks twice a year should become a thing of the past if approved california lawmakers would have to decide which time to stay on standard or daylight saving tang on daylight saving would also require it okay from congress there is a move here in california to end the practice of changing clocks many people saying it's now dated practice alex stone abc news los angeles well if you're taking a vacation next week you are not alone a record number of people expected.

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