Putin denies Russia responsible for MH17 downing


Gatien dozens have come forward publicly to accuse him of sexual assault some even including rape and the states back over four years fieger outside that police station and later harvey weinstein left the police station in handcuffs flanked by two police officers on his way to court the netherlands and australia have announced that they are formally holding russia responsible for its role in shooting down the malaysia airlines flight m h seventeen over ukraine in july twenty fourteen all two hundred ninety eight people on board the plane were killed on thursday the dutch lead investigation team named the russian army unit that supplied the missile russia has denied involvement today the dutch foreign minister steph block had this to say initial if your conclusions which could joint investigation team to council of ministers discussed to findings of the joint investigation presented yesterday and made an important decision the netherlands hold russia legally responsible for the downing of flight i made seventeen this is a joint decision might dunedin's and ustralia country which is like us many victims on boards made seventeen our governments of informed russia of our decision by a diplomatic channels well to the bbc's anna hologhan in the netherlands so eight very significant announcement nearly four years after the crash usually significant but to be honest they didn't really have much choice off to the dumbing conclusions published yesterday by the joint investigation teams that you heard there steph block saying that disaster caused irreparable suffering an based on those conclusions that we heard yesterday that the missile was supplied from russia it was a a missile rocket that had been made in moscow in nineteen eightysix they have the markings they have the social media material and they believe beyond any doubt that this had been fired by the fifty third brigade.

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