Joe diGenova discusses the Russia investigation; Rep. Thornberry on Trump's efforts to curb nuclear proliferation


And if we had a ag that had some yonis none of this would be going on if we had a president that did not appoint jeff sessions he should have appointed in the beginning rudolph giuliani and he didn't do that it's sickening well they'll dancer those the problem is simple they got a fire at rosenstein number one and they gotta get a towel sessions here he's got to do this or he's the next guy to go in they gotta get the gentlemen there we need another special prosecutor investigate mueller how that damn yours is crooked anybody out there i mean it's all documented how he was the guy who took the mafia boys let that whitey bulger guys skate around and a locked up the i don't know four or five people with proven was innocent that's what they gotta start investigating that crooked cop asking obama did you discuss with anyone lowest lenders decision to invoke the fifth amendment against selfincrimination did you take any action to reprimand james clapper for variety false testimony to the congress concerning nsa surveillance clapper james clapper oh i don wrote to the congress flat out lied and nothing came of that one what did you assert that neither lois lerner no her socialists her guilty of even a smidgen of corruption i mean there's all these questions about the scandals the lies the crimes the deceptions committed by obama that nobody brought up or talked about because he had eric holder lor loretta lynch protecting his hindquarters and they never would've pointed a special counsel never well i mean that's all make purpose but here's one thing we know for a fact american people do not believe the mainstream media everybody knows or nothing more than a bunch of paid lapdogs for the democrat party everyone knows the democrat party they stick together like a pack of please or cocky little roaches or whatever the hell they are and they're a bunch of liars connivers and fees and we're in a civil war basically willy it's so trump's gonna play hardball with them and then we've got enough people in our corner then we got the american people's got trump's back you see that at all the rallies and he's just gotta you know by board onto things just like what george washington didn't have.

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