AG Hopeful Backs Trump On Immigration


Like and what they want and women end up not getting what they want because ultimately they're generally speaking is a broad brush but women are entering into romantic relationships seeking love and men you know in shop broadway are wanting so so but ultimately it's going to be unfulfilling for men to right because no man is ultimately happy when he's wrapped up in a vicious cycle that's just fulfilling his last i mean that's not a recipe for human happiness for anyone we want something deeper we wanna ask bigger questions we want to ask what is my purpose what what will make me feel feel fulfilled what will make me happy and that's not a recipe for men either so i think we're both getting short shift although in the media it seems like men are doing better also i think that you know you have this idea of time it brought me back to i wrote an essay there was a book called things i've learned from women who've dumped me ben karlin was the editor of former guy from the daily show and he asked me to contribute to and i wrote wrote a piece called eggs must be broken i wrote it about ten years ago and i was just looking back on it your article made me kind of dig it out and read it listen to this i was talking about the two year relationship that that seems to be the birthright of every man he goes through a series of two year to year relationships women go through these two but from my perspective this is how i defined it in my story i said without a doubt the two year relationship or fake marriage as i call it is the perfect place to prepare for a real marriage it provides a man all the trappings and pleasures of marriage but requires no more commitment than that of a softball league or a carly's now is trying to be silly and poke fun of the way that men look at relationships and i wrote in the article i went through nine of them i don't think i really did but the idea is that men take their formative years their twenties and thirties they go through these series they might move in with a woman to have a nice apartment you know she makes the apartment smell nice everything looks great the guys get the benefits the men again a beautiful girlfriend daybreak up with them and they move on i feel like men move on very easily and women there are permanent scars i think from the short sex in the city relationships when i talk to young women about this they say oh that's nonsense there's no difference between men and women but i think there is a difference i think women take it harder i think that's right yeah because you're doing you know you're making promises in your you know being promised things you know even without words necessarily in those relationships that women i think kerry probably in a more intense way and so when does dissolve you are left with trust issues and you're more skeptical you're a little more jaded you know and then there's the obvious biology whereas and then probably move onto they have more options as they get older and don't necessarily that's something to say but we have our biology of childbearing years and when we're going to capitalize on those and yeah so i think all of that plays into it.

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