New Zealand leader Jacinda Ardern gives birth


Of the times read books is good morning she matt got some breaking news for you on the political front not westminster the other side of the world the new zealand prime minister just into auden has just given birth to a baby girl i know the second world leader ever to give birth in office so he was he was the fast oh i don't know was tony blair they had a baby and david came day menfolk out she did the giving birthday thing i think you're probably did pushing you didn't give anybody a little happy news and congratulations new zealand pm this is how you have to do to run new zealand's you can take maternity leave while you're doing it anyway matt surely the big the big events this week was going to be this big brexit rebellion led by the great rebel alliance leader dominic grieve in the end the rebel alliance collapsed even the rebel leader didn't vote for his own rebel amendment i mean we've talked before about how brexit could be bit tedious when when the person yes but dominic grieve says he won't vote for the dominic grieve amendment just pack up and go the whole thing was a bit of a a bit of good although sort of all strange scenes of national labour mp being wheeled the commons in a wheelchair as basically the tollways wouldn't let the labor party nods very well basically count them mp's materials come in everyone's very upset about this because there is there is this this rule that basically as long if an mp can get the grounds the parliamentary grounds that will count as them having voted and it's done on a sort of a gentleman's agreement on everything she was forced she was force she did if you're well enough to be in the world shanta come you're well enough to do it i'm not i'm no one she physically foster to do surely this is just a breakdown of trust between the taurean labour whips that's totally totally what's happened i think basically what happened was they they sort of get told up the convention of nodding through when they thought they might lose and then basically as as as the game plan down realize the rebels were going to bell basically i think they could at that point said look you know it doesn't matter what shock i'm soon is gonna win anyway but yeah it just goes to show how fractious this has gotten is only gonna get worse over the coming months extraordinary times that lead to more extraordinary times now other extraordinary events that donald trump of course in these very much we've been talking about for the wrong reasons but he's a when he comes over to europe during that trip when he's going to be meeting the prime minister and we found out yesterday the queen here in the uk is also going to meet vladimir putin not not on bitchy so that would be weird this is golden down terribly what in whitehall as you could imagine donald trump and vladimir putin preparing to meet at some point during his trip to europe i think basically the british government dynasty hope that he's after he's been to a brittany kind of play gulf on the saturday maybe could be could pop to see the day after i mean there's a massive row going on about the future of nato donald trump's commitment to nato he says other countries are playing by the rules that you have to spend two percent of gdp on defense spending interestingly the head of nato is in london today he's meeting to reason maintenance during a press conference later but yet based it feels like it's all coming to ahead ahead of this summit next month and yet don't trump cozying up to or at least talk about music volume of who did hasn't gone down very well funnily enough did did go down a little bit yesterday that was behind theresa may which he made a speech at the policy exchange is a conservative supporting thinktank some passive look very nice remember getting my invitation but but yet again after what have the horrific events the last party conference with a step started letters started falling down behind her from the logo the set started collapsing behind her i mean i can't believe this allowed to happen again we don't have salt in the wound up say either get my invited she ingested justice people the the.

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