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Await forty w h a s louisville an iheartradio station from abc news i'm richard cantu assign the president trump and his allies are taking a more aggressive stance against the russia probe the president took to twitter demanding the justice department investigate whether it infiltrated his campaign the justice department tonight beat the president to the punch saying it will investigate the issue folding it into an ongoing investigation by the department's inspector general and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein the man who appointed the special counsel vows to take appropriate action if anyone did infiltrator surveilled the presidential campaign for inappropriate purposes abc's david wright sources tell abc news that the teen gunman in friday's massacre at the high school and santa fe texas studied other mass killings of schools even wore black trenchcoat like the gunman in the columbine high school killings almost twenty years ago talking to reporters outside the high school texas lieutenant governor dan patrick blamed video games and other factors not guns for deadly gun violence in schools they throw out of school we have fifty million abortions we have families that are broken apart to hear him continue to make the argument after ten people died in his state that guns are not the issue is simply a crock fred grettenberger daughter was killed in the parkland florida school massacre he was on abc's this week broadcast in bessemer city north carolina man plowed his car through a restaurant killing two and injuring many police chief tom ellis replaced the driver of the vehicle under arrest took him into custody immediately identified as roger self father of one of the victims caitlyn self a guest in county deputy sheriff investigators say it was a deliberate attack wake county north carolina authorities are reporting that at least one person has been killed in a crash involving a church van and another vehicle that ended up underwater you're listening to abc news invoice list price dealer price toby knapp here if your car shopping.

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