RED is partnering with Lucid to build an 8K 3D camera for the Hydrogen One phone


On announced their jointly developed q elsie nand flash memories now available micron is now shipping it's fifty to ten i on series solid state drive based on kelsey the new flash memory stores four bits of data per memory cell providing a thirty three percent capacity boost over the three bit per cell tlc nand that's currently the ssd standard but with lower cost it also has lower right endurance and lower right performance micron is primarily marketing the fifty to ten i on ssd's as replacements for her drives google duplex the appointment maker got a lot of people talking after it was debuted at ao but it turns out microsoft has a similar product it's been testing in china at an ai event in london ceo sautin adela showed off show ice about that has five hundred million friends and more than sixteen channels for chinese users to interact via we chat and other messengers now della says quote one of the things we started doing earlier this year having full duplex conversations show is can be conversing with you and we chat and stop and call you then you can just talk using voice by the way full duplex means a conversation where both participants can speak at the same time if you are wondering how google got that name red is partnering with vr camera maker lucid on an eight k three d pro sumer camera that will work with the upcoming hydrogen one smartphone the device has to sink four k cameras that capture and convert video and images to eight k four v or dot h v files those can then be displayed in three d on the hydrogen ones holographic display and later uploaded to youtube or facebook or red zone content hub the hydrogen one will come in aluminum for twelve hundred dollars titanium for sixteen hundred dollars set to arrive the summer at verizon and at and t or directly from red sources tell the wall street journal and reuters that the us may be near a deal to lift its ban on us firms supplying parts z t e c t was given a sevenyear ban back in april that had essentially ruined perations the new deal could include china removing tariffs on.

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