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Rita Gutierrez Garcia, Longmont and Trump discussed on Lewis & Logan


The announcement of a reward will help us find rita deputy police chief just sadder says investigators have dented a person of interest in the case but he didn't elaborate thirty four year old rita gutierrez garcia was last seen at a parking lot of a bar of longmont's mainstreet jerry bell koa newsradio president trump will reveal his decision on the iran nuclear deal tomorrow afternoon on twitter trump said he will be announcing his decision from the white house at two o'clock eastern time trump has been harshly critical of the iran deal and maple the united states out of it white house press secretary sarah sarah sanders is upset by a washington post story that the president and the first lady are leading increasingly independent lives and not spending a lot of time together in the white house that is an outrageous and ridiculous claim the first lady lives here at the white house we see her regularly and i think that's something that belongs in tabloid gossip the first lady's office says they have busy schedules as you can imagine but they spend a significant amount of time together federal authorities are issuing a subpoena for rap artists and entrepreneurs jay z they're ordering him to appear in manhattan federal court tomorrow morning relating to a fraud case with his clothing business rocca wear but jay z says he's too busy planning his world tour minutes attorneys called it a celebrity haunt jay z whose real name is sean carter is already disregarded to subpoenas our next news update is.

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