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Night let's go to lou and queens hailu hi mark yes know something that hasn't been discussed but i'm sure you will discuss it is what do you think about the blog he'll now putting quotas and setasides on our best most prestigious high schools here where the kids have work and their families from work very hard to go there and we know they're very ethnically diverse they're just not diverse with shitty kids whose educational levels don't seem to be able to cut the mustard in these schools elect a super progressive super liberal mayor you're gonna get schools even more screwed up you're gonna get the exam standards lowered you're going to get more diversity you can always count on real progressive liberals to completely destroyed the education system in fact we'll get to this later if we have time but maybe tomorrow there's also massive research now on these liberals destroying generations with their participation trophy nobody really wins lower the standard there's no success failure in anything it's really hurt people and screwed them up for getting anywhere in life anyway when we come back newt gingrich will be with us now here's a guy who understands all this crazy washington stuff and where did it go wrong you know how did we get so crazy angry turned into warfare where did it all changed we'll get to that coming up next on seven ten w o r let's get the latest news here's joe barton k monika colorado baker has prevailed in the supreme court after refusing to bake a wedding cake for a same sex couple jack phillips is a devout christian claimed a religious opposition to gay weddings that a court didn't say a business could refuse service to a same sex couple rather it said colorado was not tolerant or respectful of the baker's religious beliefs president trump says the appointment of a special counsel is totally unconstitutional in a series of tweets trump also pointed to legal experts saying he has the absolute right to pardon himself but asks why when i do that when i have not done anything wrong sports betting could be legal by the end of the week in new jersey the legislature introducing a bill today to allow it in places like mama's park it would not include an integrity fee that's money being sought by the sports leagues next update at noon breaking news at once and start your day with len berman and michael riedel in the morning six.

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