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It was playstation one playstation two and then the xbox is yeah i had my father had any s i never had super nintendo but s bow had it and we used to play it in connecticut all the time and then end sixty four playstation playstation two gamecube xbox xbox three sixty the fuck is your favorite one oh console oh no benjamin tzu dude pedro because we is so fucking good like it's hard it's fun the colors pie so you like two weeks ago you were on it dude i have it on my xbox and it's so fucking fun it is so fun about you metal gear solid really the first one fucking milk well i think it was like the first game that we bought with the playstation we were deciding between two games and we asked them do like yo like which one should we get and he's like well if you like a shooter games get melchior solid remember like fuck yeah remember the good old days when games care memory card oh wow they get memory cards demo discs behold on how you're the memory card was like your life revolved around we're the record dude i still have my name on still have a game cube good child officials go to someone yeah of course she's sneaking in saving games dude that shit was like such a simpler time cartridges were just you fucking pop them in every now and then you blow in him which you're not supposed to do because it actually fucks them up really yeah alec blown into those things i

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