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Korea his strategy on trade even telling republican members to relax on their criticism because he would have it all figured out and when it came to immigration himself a somewhat ambiguous endorsement of two house republican proposals that they're trying to consider on the house floor later this week the fbi may have edited and changed witness reports in the hillary rodham clinton and russia investigations according to a house republican in a hearing into fbi and justice department misconduct congressman mark meadows of north carolina also raised the possibility that the fbi misled the department of justice watchdog in an attempt to hide the identities of two f b i employees who were sending antitrump messages beijing accuses the us extreme pressure in blackmailing in the wake of president trump's threat to impose a ten percent tariff on two hundred billion dollars more of chinese goods here's correspondent nic robertson on when the penalties may take a fact that the sort of fifty billion dollar taras at first round president trump is authorized and china's responded to go into effect from the us side on the sixth of july of as far as the sort of two hundred billion goes that would take some time to begin to put that into effect as a lot of details that has to be worked out in the interim canada's senate has given final passage to the bill to legalize recreational marijuana in canada canadians will have to wait at least a few months so legally by marijuana the michigan state board of trustees meets today and tomorrow in a retreat their next formal meeting of the board is friday as the interim president john engler is under fire in the aftermath of the larry nassar scandal will ford give a new name to the detroit train station after its renovated well here's a possibility what about green acres sizable building project plan near the old train station detected by wjr's ken rogulski at the scene of the train station event yesterday huge barn is being planned for vacant piece of property just a stone's throw away from the old depot owner scott ole says we've dismantled a barn from grand rapids and we're going to put it on this particular parcel here right off roosevelt park board by board that's correct how big is this barn it's about seventy five hundred square feet and but they fold up a little smaller than that it's already halfway here it's a up in mid town on a an another piece of property we own and ready to go all labeled stacked up in numbered lowell ads it'll take about a year for the foundation and other year and a half to build it and they plan to rent it out for weddings right across from the old depot ken rogulski wjr news news.

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