Giants' Saquon Barkley one of eight Top 10 picks still unsigned


Am fm if you're on hold for our sports talk fantasy football league audition sit tight we're gonna bring in derek laughlin owner of fantasy football maniacs dot com at derek laughlin on twitter derek after the draft obviously when fantasy owners are going to really start to dial in and drill down on who were some guys that came out in this draft class that they could they could go high in the draft and one in particular saquon barkley of the of the new york giants where do you have him going and a lot of your mocks for teams i think if you're gonna take him you have to look at the first round because this is a guy that came in with so much hype as the second pick of the draft he reminds me of marshall faulk but thirty pounds heavier he's a guy that can lined up at receiver he can line up the slot he can catch the ball out of the backfield the giants are going to be able to use him in so many ways i have a top ten running back at a guy you're gonna have to his first round pick have on your team where was alvin kamara drafted last year and most fantasy leagues well adrian peterson was considered the second running back with mark ingram and him pretty much around the same place kamara i think was fourteen fifteen round pick somebody who wasn't even and this year i have him as the fourth best running back especially in light of the mark ingram suspension that's a guy that could probably see fourteen to fifteen jerry's per game and have the same receiving workload that he had last year on to start off the season give me a rookie out of this class that we talked about saquon barkley but others other skill position see whether it's receivers are titans that you feel like is a good investment either in the second third round the second or third the couple of linebacking jones out of tampa bay with does market having moved over to copeland i think there's a real chance for him to be a starter there and the guy that i'm sure your listeners know a lot about guy sober in washington they're talking about him having a champ down by the early down role and have a big impact i i don't know guys you're going to have to necessarily go in the third round though even jones you could probably getting later tonight but but berkeley's probably the only running back at appetite battery that's a that's a rookie back laughlin owner fantasy football maniacs dot com overall which the fantasy value you think of the saint skill position players right now the same one of the best offenses in the league last year and you were talking about camaro already being a running back one was the eleventh ranked fantasy quarterback last year and i think they they want to have the same makeup where they they definitely teach her the run and still have him be an effective thrower he had four thousand three hundred thirty four yards and twenty three touchdowns last year i don't think we're gonna see him throwing for five thousand yards in the past but they do want to still run the ball how do you handle the if you're if you're a carson wentz you went home carson wentz how do you handle that and what do you do nick foles nick foles from fantasy perspective because he might start the first couple of games but then carson wentz might miss the first two games so as a fantasy owner how do you dress that how do you handle that.

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