How to help children separated from parents through 'zero tolerance' immigration policy


Shuttle from the spokane airport tom shillue back with the tom shillue show my question for you i think we all see what's going on and over the past few days we have had basically blanket coverage of the separation policy on the border and the news media is saying republicans are scrambling to save face which is true however the president according to the media is doubling down and i'm reading a quote from the media coverage troubles down in wild speech current border policy says you have to take the children away which is what he did say among other things he said we have one chance to get it right we might as well get it right or let's just keep it going that's it that's the quote i was looking for is this the chance he wants people to step up and pass a bill right now is he going to get his way politically is this wise for the president or will it who's going to give in who's gonna give in the white house along with the republicans or democrats to have a few democrats vote with the president and pass a bill which expedites this process in a better way hobby air in los angeles yes sir tom democrats are idiots this clown that called the previously has probably never walk the sidewalks up los angeles every morning on my way to bus station there are tons and tons of kids being strolled around by their moms most of them single moms because they weren't separated at the border as soon as many of these guys come over here what their families end up hooking up with an american girl and leaving the family the wife and kids in the apartments and and so these democrats seem to be outraged about this particular issue don't seem to be concerned at all about all the the black folks that i see on the streets every morning some weight down and benches many don't seem to eaten or bathe in weeks you know so i it's quite obvious.

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