Rep. Darrell Issa on what he expects from DOJ's IG report


Sitting there like i can't believe this james patterson's just sitting there right next to him like i can't believe i have to be here for the center of your this is so awkward this is so terrible and so awkward and then bill clinton said you know if this were a democrat in office we'd be impeaching that democrat already i think if the road reverse now this is just talking about experience if it were a democratic president in these facts most people on the one washington believe impeach jerry foot have begun already that's that's probably true because republicans run the congress but if democrats around the congress impeachment hearings would not have begun already because democrats voted not to impeach president clinton who openly lied perjured himself any lied to the american people and nobody seemed to care so if you're wondering if there's a big gap i've talked about this before is a big gap between republicans over the age of sixty and republicans under the age of forty republicans under the age of forty when they look at president trump they see a guy who fibs awad who's dishonest to his behavior grievously in his personal life and they don't like any of that republicans over the age of sixty they remember bill clinton their remember this guy and they say well i'm not going to be lectured on morality by the same people who ran around telling me that bill clinton was a defensible guy the bill clinton was a wonderful human being that anyone who criticized bill clinton was doing so only because of their prurient interest in sex this is a real gap in knowledge base between people who are under forty and people who are over sixty in the republican party i m saying that when democrats say why are republicans so much in trump's camp it's because they're not gonna take lex sure seriously from people who pretend the jfk and bill clinton were standardbearers for morality and values in virtue coming up a candidate for maryland governor made the most ridiculous ad probably in history it's just incredible and i have it all forty it's unbelievable this is the ben shapiro.

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