Anthony Bourdain’s death means loss of a voice for immigrant workers


And shannon o'donnell as the weather happy saturday everybody as promised it's a little unsettled out there right at sunny one moment than sherry the next some of the showers locally heavy with some thunder lightning and hail all possible as we head into the evening hours temperatures today coolish fifties to about sixty we'll keep it about the same level on sunday still lingering showers tomorrow again they could be locally heavy but a few more sun breaks in the cards as well in the komo weather center i'm meteorologist shannon o'donnell to moment tacoma's partly sunny and fifty eight everett cloudy and fifty seven and light rain in fifty eight in downtown seattle komo news time four thirty six the sudden death of celebrity chef anthony bourdain is like a gut punch to the culinary world according to those in the industry officials say died from an apparent suicide in france komo news tammy matassa has more with the local chef who spent time with bourdain reflecting on the loss restaurant marsh aon bainbridge island had always hoped he might come here and see marsh greg atkinson is still wrapping his mind around the sudden death of celebrity chef anthony bourdain a manny had history with and shared a great love of culinary authenticity very sad right away and then when i learned he'd taken his own life that made it even more difficult shove atkinson says when anthony bourdain came to seattle to promote his best selling book kitchen confidential in two thousand borden asked to meet atkinson while he was the executive chef at kandla out of all the traits atkinson remembers about tony adventurous global ambassador he says his kindness stood out the most immediately established a great rapport with all my loved him at first sight and then he's speaking spanish with the dishwashers and just being his wonderful cells would later come back to seattle to film cnn's parts unknown atkinson things about tony's legacy with gratitude for what he did for the industry and the world we've lost an icon but i like to imagine that maybe now he belongs to the ages komo's tammy mutasa reporting we were there for a touching moment in kent last night as tenyearold riley carter was reunited with your dog after a terrifying adventure.

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