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Apply hey we're back i wanted to talk a little bit about state politics a bipartisan group of legislators in springfield approved a budget a full year budget and it has been signed by governor rounder governor around our said well it's not perfect but they said you know they were able to do that and get this they were able to do that because of unexpected increase in tax revenues they got a great tax revenues round didn't have anything to do with that rounder vetoed the original approval of the income tax increase as you recall and it took the legislature last year to override rounder on his veto of the income tax in greece now they're praising the the revenues they're getting from it and they're crediting that the ability to get a full state budget and by the way after years and years and years of talking about a turnaround agenda none of governor rounders items are in this budget not a single one zero zilch you know he wanted term limits which had nothing to do with the budget he wanted to review any end to the the unions which had nothing to do with the budget of course he wanted a property tax rates which would have hurt most local school districts had nothing to do with the budget none of that is in the state budget the budget that was just approved for the first time and of course what the pundits are saying as the governor could not afford to go through this election here because he's up for election in november reelection in november none of nobody wanted to go through an election year fighting over a budget so the governor has agreed to sign this budget and at the same time continues to demonize mike madigan and the democrats you know continues to talk about corruption continues to run tv ads and yet everything that he was opposed to in terms of revenue in terms of school funding he is now praising change in the school funding formula over your veto everything is over his objection and he's now claiming credit for it and saying oh how nice how wonderful how great so i noticed that we have been saying all along that this will probably be the most expensive gubernatorial election in the country in history and i noticed that the.

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