Day spa explosion was deliberate


Hundred thirty thousand federal ethics law says liabilities need to be disclosed when they're being paid off not just after their settled the federal office of government ethics reviewed trump's filing an og director david paul has set a letter to the justice department saying trump debt to cohen was ally ability that should have been reported peter overby npr news washington investigators say a deadly explosion at a southern california day spa was deliberately sat in the owner appears to be the likely target federal authorities recovered remnants of an explosive device inside the orange county shop where the owner was killed and two patrons were injured tuesday fbi agent paul daley court at this point are working theory is the physics closure was caused by a device although the damage was extensive there are some components that we have located at the scene of the explosion that are inconsistent with what one might expect to find at this business he says investigators don't have any suspects yet the associated press says the blast is believed to have been caused by a package sent to the spa the explosion badly damaged a two story medical building about fifty miles south of los angeles stocks finished higher across the board on wall street this is npr news and this is wnyc in new york i'm sean carlson new information shows how the trump administration tried to get negative information about haitians with temporary protected status before deciding on the program wac's beth fertig explains the national immigration project of the national lawyers guild obtained emails through a freedom of information act request in the emails the policy chief for u s citizenship and immigration services asked how many haitian tps holders were on public assistance and were criminals when staffers told her the information wasn't relevant and wasn't easily obtained she continued to press for it a lawsuit is now challenging the decision to end tps for haitians which would affect about five thousand new york city a spokesman for us citizenship and immigration services says the emails were part of a diligent review and he called litigation frivolous this evening brooklyn residents are gathering to hear how the mta plans to handle that looming shutdown of the l train coming up next year about one hundred residents turned.

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